Learn to Sing with Shani Saint-Aulbins an experienced Vocal Coach & Performer with 25+ years in the industry singing, performing and teaching. Lessons cover all technical and theory aspects as well as musicality, expression and performance skills for the serious singers.

Vocal Coaching will also benefit anyone who does public speaking or is required to talk all day as part of their work. Learn Speaking techniques and vocal care

Singing for fun and Stress Management. Music has long been considered an excellent activity to help deal with the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Learning and playing music is known to have a positive physiological impact on our brains and bodies and enhances mood and memory. I have experienced first hand how much of an impact music can have in a path to recovery from depression and anxiety and managing ongoing stress. 

Anyone who wants to learn to sing for fun, self development and stress management will benefit from vocal coaching. You don’t have to be the best “singer” in town to enjoy all the creative expression and health benefits of singing. 

I recommend having a look at the TIME’s article “Singing Changes Your Brain”

I am passionate about encouraging our culture to be more musical in every way, singing is a natural form of expression that should be encouraged in people of all ages. 

Member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing

Working with Vulnerable People Registered